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Guided by our experts in Finland, we develop teacher training, based on the country’s successful educational model, to be carried out in Chilean educational establishments for both Pre-Basic Education and Basic Education levels, with adaptation to Chilean customs.

We support the development of teachers, education assistants, managers and any other member of your educational community.

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Social Value

Finnish Classroom is an initiative with both an educational and social purpose. We aim to provide opportunities through a solidarity system, thus materializing the dreams of teachers without access to training opportunities.

We follow the Nordic principles of education and give opportunities to teachers and directors working in isolated and remote areas of the country, who cannot afford large amounts of money for training. So we directly impact hundreds of students.


We know the Finnish system and we have the key to transfer it and adapt it to the Chilean reality.

Make the difference with our consultancy services and our teacher training programmes based on the Finnish model of education.


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We dedicate an important part of our efforts to discovering the weaknesses in the operability of the Chilean classrooms and we design work plans and offer solutions developed by Finnish experts members of Education Finland Programme in different categories.

Their services cover from teacher training programmes, digital learning, Apps development, and curricular plans, among others.

How we make

Information gathering through observation and focus group.

We develop instruments to study what Chilean teachers need. We evaluate, observe and develop plans.

Our previous experience in Finland and your education give us the knowledge we need to offer you the best solutions, we can also find out about the interested parties you were looking for.

We work with education specialists with a deep knowledge on education. They support us by making any necessary changes when they are required.
The process ends once the entire plan is completed. Plans can be monthly, temporary, semi-annual or annual.

Consultancies include work plans and educational programs that adapt to the national reality.

Development of advanced group tutorials during the semester or semesters via Skype.
Analysis and progress reports at the end of the period (s).
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Choose the services you are looking for

  • Education reforms.
  • Teacher's education and educational leadership.
  • Learning technology and contents.
  • Physical, virtual and social learning environments.
  • Finnish degrees and qualifications.
  • Educational travel services.
  • Working life partnerships & competence development.
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