Global Services

If you are a Finnish company and you are interested in expanding your boundaries into Chile, contact us. We can explore different formulas and business models to make your expansion into Latin America easier.

We can help you with your landing in Chile and Latam with Global Services.

Also, we can commercialize your products and services through our website

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We carry out investigation and make reports on Latam markets.

Local representations

We are open to negotiating local representation for your business in Chile.

PR & Communications

We offer corporate training.

To your knowledge

Please be aware that Business Finland supports companies in promoting themselves abroad. As a company you can apply for public funding to work with us.

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Our focus

  • Day care centers
  • Kindergartens
  • Public schools (Administrated by municipalities)
  • Private schools
  • Corporations
  • Foundations
  • Institutes
  • Universities
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The logic of Finnish education

In Finnish education, students are at the center of priorities, promoting their independence, confidence and values of responsibility. The value of autonomy is promoted from the day one of their education.

In Finland, access to education is based on equal access to opportunities. There, the potential of each student is promoted, independent of limitations. Teachers are concerned with ensuring students’ learning and good performance.

There is strong promotion of the value of independence. Students should be able to make decisions, and they develop according to their possibilities.

In Finnish education, “happiness to learn” is promoted.

There is education for all children and students are encouraged to integrate with the rest of the class.

Students must have sufficient support to prevent existing difficulties or problems from being accentuated.

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