About us

Plus Finland is a consulting start-up company, created in Finland and operating in Chile under the model of social entrepreneur.

Our purpose is to build bridges between both countries by promoting the Finnish model of Education in Latin America.

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Our mission

We reinforce the knowledge of teachers, but also guide heads and principals of educational institutions and organizations.

Our motto

We are specialists in international policy development and communication.

We approach the principles of the successful Finnish educational model, based on theories of global policy transfer.

We firmly believe that the Finnish system of education is one of the solutions for improving the future of children in developing countries such as Chile.

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Team member


Chilean journalist with extensive local and international networks, with 12 years of experience in Latin American and European media and international organizations.

Francisco has been trained in The United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. In 2019, he received a master's degree program diploma in Global Politics and Communication from the University of Helsinki, Finland.

He worked as a teacher assistant the University of Helsinki, Francisco was also an intern for Öpetushallitus -the Finnish National Agency for Education- in Finland and Chile, developing studies and research for the Education Finland program in 2018. For two years was correspondent for Chile's public TV in Europe. Now is a professor at University of Santiago, Chile.

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Curricular development & Pedagogical Support
Degree in Education from the University of Concepción, Chile. Master's degree in Arts Education, and Spanish from the University of Helsinki.

For the past 20 years, Yasna has been working as a professor at Lappeenranta University and now she works as a teacher in various subjects at Käpylä Elementary School in Helsinki, Finland.

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International Consultant & Strategy Development
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, Master’s in political history from the University of Helsinki and Master’s in international Relations with specialization in International Economic Policy, expert in South American context. Ella has huge analytical capacity and international networks.

Ella Virtanen works as a researcher for the Finnish Refugee Council. She was a political officer of the Embassy of Finland in Buenos Aires and an intern with CIMO at the Embassy of Finland in Chile, where she addressed the political and educational situation of the country. She has strong knowledge of the local reality of our country.

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Bachelor and Master of Arts in Education from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Specialized inSpecial Education and Ethics. Aino has research experience in Finnish National Curriculum.

Aino works as a special education teacher and ethics teacher in the secondary school of Ruusutorppa in Espoo, Finland. Additionally to her pedagogic expertise, she provides an international perspective to education.

Aino Virtanen participated to Reimagining Creative Democracy Erasmus+ seminar in Budapest, lived and worked in Australia and explored different cultures by travelling in 26 countries. She works on the developments of educational services and projects for Aula Finlandesa.

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Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences with specialization in political science from University of Jyväskylä and Master of Social Science with specialization in International Relations Policy from University of Tampere.

Sanna Nikkanen works as a Senior Business Developer at the private sector. In her work she has seen closely and been involved in many organizational changes gaining extensive knowledge of operating models, internal processes and business strategy. She has also communication experience from UN Development Programme Nordic Representation Office and local knowledge of Chilean society from her internship at the Embassy of Finland in Chile.

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Master of Education and elementary school teacher with demonstrated experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of educational projects in Finland, Chile and Argentina, on three different levels: teaching and learning on the grassroots level, development of proposals for public policy on the non governmental sector, and the introduction of innovative learning tools and strategies from the private sector.

Eevamaija is passionate about equity, education, and its power to enable all learners to reach their full potential, empowering them as active members and advocates for meaningful change in their communities and the society. Has worked as a teacher in Finnish schools, Project Based Learning specialist in TICMAS Argentina, pedagogical advisor and public policy researcher in Educación 2020, and as a consultant for the Finnish anti-bullying program KiVa in Santillana Chile. Thesis regarding education and development was awarded as the best master’s thesis regarding education in Finland in 2016.

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Felipe Carvajal

Edtech Team
Felipe is a thesis student of the English Teaching program at the University of Concepción. He studied Education at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, thanks to the Semester Abroad scholarship from the Ministry of Education. Felipe started as an intern at Plus Finland and, today, he is part of the team of specialists in Finnish digital tools for education in Chile. He works collaboratively with specialists from Seppo, Mightifier, LessonApp, Claned, and Cats Step, from Cambridge University, UK, training professionals in Chile and other Latin American countries.
Team member

Victoria Hinojosa

EdTech Team
Thesis student of English Pedagogy at the Catholic University of La Santísima Concepción. She completed most of her education in Tasmania, Australia. She was a neurolinguistic research assistant where she worked with EEG scans and liguistic analysis.

Victoria actively participates in international seminars. In 2020, she joined Plus Finland as an intern, and today she is part of the Educational Technologies Team. She works in the training of professionals in Chile and other Latin American countries, together with experts from Claned, Seppo, Mightifier, LessonApp, official Education Finland companies, as well as CATS, an English platform developed by experts from the University of Cambridge.

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Víctor Garrido

Project consultant
Political Scientist, postgraduate student at the University of Helsinki.

Victor has experience as a researcher and consultant in Chile and abroad in the areas of transparency, integrity, communications, corporate and strategic affairs management. With more than 7 years of experience in governmental, NGO's and public-private affairs management consulting, in Chile he was part of the Chilean chapter of Transparency International, in addition to working at the municipal level and was part of the implementation of a public policy at provincial and regional level from the GORE Araucanía (Programa de Gestión Territorial para Zonas Rezagadas). Abroad, he worked as a consultant and academic researcher in the city of Barcelona and recently divides his time between studies and work from Helsinki, where he currently resides.