Plus Finland is a company created in Finland and operating in Chile under the model of social entrepreneur.

Our purpose is to build bridges between both countries by promoting the Finnish model of Education in Latin America. We are evaluated partner of Business Finland for the internationalisation of Finnish companies working on education & learning sector.

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Our experience allows us to promote the Finnish successful education model in accordance with the needs of the institutions or groups that require it and in different formats by offering consultancy services and designing working plans in different sectors.
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This initiative generates profitability through the delivery of services to establishments and entities with payment incapacity. It will allow for training of teachers in schools at social risk as a way of contributing towards equal access to opportunities.
We believe in the descentralization of knowledge and opportunities.
We promote training for teachers working on the public sector by financing projects with governmental founding, CSR and others. Plus Finland also has solutions for private institutions, corporations, homeschooling communities and education professionals looking for training individually